About Me...

I'm 28 and have a passion for design, cooking new dishes, trying new places and experiences and have a love for vintage things. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate because my ‘job’, simply entails doing what I love. I call myself a designer as it’s a nice umbrella term for the web design / print design / illustration and branding work that I do.

I love painting, drawing, designing, but mostly learning and trying new stuff… I have a Diploma in Media Design and Technology and have been working in the Media Industry since 2007.

In my time off I enjoy refurbishing furniture and watching old Hollywood musicals with Gene Kelly, Marilyn Monroe or Judy Garland. I don’t think I will ever get tired of watching the old classics! I also try to stay as active as I can (sitting behind a desk all day isnt exactly healthy) so I try and jog everyday, take the stairs where possible and try and eat healthy. My gulity pleasures are Vanilla Tea, Sally Williams Nougat and SUSHI!